Chapter 2: Peace of Mind

Things have been extremely busy around the house as of lately. I'm really starting to realize just how much juggling and true brawn is involved with raising a boy and a set of triplet girls.

For starters, there is always a pile of dishes to be cleaned and a set of diapers to be changed. Not counting among 30 other nuances that can be seen stewing around the house at any given moment. I spent close to an hour after coming from work cleaning up messes before I could even take off my heels!

Talk about working till the cows come home...

My oldest is usually washed up and in the bed by time I get home from work and settled in. On the small occasions that I can get away with it, I sneak into his room for a peck on the forehead. He's a light sleeper, so from time to time I'm greeted with lots of yelling and "Aww Mom!". Despite things he gets himself into or how old he will become, he will always be my baby boy.

I know toddlers are supposed to be tucked away in their beds pretty early, dreaming of swanky pink dream houses and polka dot flamingos that dispense ice cream and sprinkles. The only time I have to spend with my little girls is after work or during the weekend. This led me to let their sleeping pattern fall just a little out of whack so I can spend a couple of minutes with them before they head off to bed.

Austin's crib is now in what used to be Lawrence's old office space. At first, he wasn't happy at the thought of having to do his work somewhere else, but he seemed to warm up to the idea.

He nows stays in the room every night with Austin until she falls asleep just to make sure she's comfortable. 

By the next morning, I decided to call in and request a day off. It's regularly not a problem, but with the time I took off to have the triplets it took a little more convincing to pull off.

I'm lcuky enough to have a babysitter like Kimberly, who doesn't mind coming over even on her own day off. I think she really just enjoys the money I pay her for her extra time and help. 

I made it to the downtown square just before the sun began it's trek over the hills in the distance. It really sets a beautiful lighting over the whole town. I took a few minutes to soak it all in. In an odd turn of events, I ran into my old friend Uriah.

 It can be an old thing to see him around town ever since he became principal at the high school. For someone I used to think as almost a younger brother to now have a position above me gives me mixed emotions. Its hard because I no longer see him like I remembered. His position at the school has now made him strict. A lot of our conversations now end in arguments. Things were never like this before...

Sometimes I struggle with whether I've made the right decisions in my life. Did I make the right choices? Was it right of me to break off the engagement? Did I marry the right man? I guess there will always be those lingering questions in the back of my mind as time goes on. But if I'm happy, these questions shouldn't exist...right?


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