Chapter 2: Peace of Mind

Things have been extremely busy around the house as of lately. I'm really starting to realize just how much juggling and true brawn is involved with raising a boy and a set of triplet girls.

Aches, pains, and a longer to do list

I can't believe I still haven't put up the second chapter yet! I dont want this to crash and burn like most of my projects so I will try to find a schedule on which I can keep things constant. I was in the emergency room recently so I fell a little behind, but with that ordeal over, I can get back to the sims! :D

Migolia's Finds: Chest-likes

**Welcome to my first Custom Content review! These reviews are here to give Sims 3 players a more in-depth look at the creativity found throughout the S3 community. This has been something I've wanted to try for some time so I hope it goes well!