Migolia's Finds: Chest-likes

**Welcome to my first Custom Content review! These reviews are here to give Sims 3 players a more in-depth look at the creativity found throughout the S3 community. This has been something I've wanted to try for some time so I hope it goes well!

Migolia's Finds: Chest-likes

 Created by the talented Sally at AroundTheSims 3.com, Chest-likes are a new and stylish way of storing items within the game. The name comes from the objects being built from a similar architecture as the World Adventures chests, but not actually requiring the expansion pack to use. If the player has World Adventures or just enjoys collecting items, chances are that there has been a time where your sim's inventory is loaded with seeds, jewels and other knick knacks. Carrying a large quantity of items in the sim's inventory can be one of the factors in slow gameplay and other gaming hiccups(just imagine if every sim in town was carrying upwards of 10 items in their inventory). Sally's Chest-likes provide a place to keep your sim's items without clashing with your home decor like the WA chests might.

The Chest-likes come in a variety of shapes and sizes as seen in the above and below pictures. There are even more even more options on the website than what is present.

Here is the vegetable storage and the cardboard box options

The Artist Trunk

The Small Cooler and Fisher Basket

The Flycase and Metal Trunk

Lastly, the Storage Box and the Safe

It obvious upon inspection that each item is made with care, as well as most of the items at AroundTheSims3. I personally find the smaller items more useful because of their freedom of placement. Most of the bigger Chest-likes are restrained to the ground because of their sheer size. 

Unfortunately, the Chest-likes are not animated at this time as custom animations have not been developed as of yet. This calls for a different method of placing items within the Chest-likes:
A sim would have to click on the object and press the Open button to enter a menu similar to most container objects. Clicking the Look Inside button will not do nothing but have your sim stand there and wave their arms in confusion. It might have been better to remove the Look Inside button, but that is more of a cosmetic issue. 
From this menu, the sim may now transfer items from the inventory to the Chest-like for safe keeping. 

Another nice feature is that some of the Chest-likes also double as surfaces, allowing for a wide variety of designing options so it won't feel like there's a giant safe or trunk in the room. 

Overall, the Chest-likes provide a unique function that doesn't comprise style or playability. Sally definitely has a knack for creating beautiful items for the community and it really shows. Though there is no animation involved like the WA chests, the Chest-likes are still quite usable in every way, if not more. 

Subject: "Chest-likes"
Creator: Sally
Website: AroundTheSims3: http://www.aroundthesims3.com/objects/function_storage_misc_02.shtml
Requirements: Minimal game version 1.5.5/1.6, Does not require WA
Overall Score: A


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