I switched the design template from the flower design to it's current look. I like it, but it will definitely need some tweaking here and there before I can be fully satisfied. Any suggestions?

Chapter 1: Kierra's Intro

My name is Kierra Viola Lowe and this is an account of my life and the important people in it.

 Don't worry--I'm usually not making faces like that. I promise.

The Lowe Legacy!

After some time meddling and trying to get things just right, I've finally decided on a sim story I want to tell. It should be exciting since it's based on a family I've had in my game for a quite while now. Since I dont want to say too much, I will end it right there. Expect the first chapter soon!

Starting Up...

Howdy! This is the official blog for all of my sim related stuff! Here you'll find stories or pictures about the sims  in my game and reviews about custom content from around the S3 community, but sometimes you'll get a glimpse of the different CC projects I work on. You might be able to even pick up a couple of items I haven't released anywhere else. Right now, I'm still in the building stage, but I'm hoping you stick around!