Elswood (NO CC)

Since I haven't created a house in a while, I thought today would be the perfect time for an update. Here is a nice home that is perfect for the sleepy suburbs and a pleasantly simple lifestyle. I present Elswood!

Writer's Boulder

Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to finish my Legacy story that I originally started. I didn't have a huge audience to begin with(I really don't think I had any readers at all lol), but it has become a little hard to create a story from something that already has a story of it's own. It would've been easier to start from a beginning instead of entering a family's life mid-beat. As for right now, I'm not planning on destroying the family. I have a couple ideas in my head of how I can still utilize the Lowes. There is a chance I may do one last chapter...

Arcade Classics Vol. 2

Time to break into your favorite piggy bank and sell your prized baseball cards! I'm back with another collection of retro arcade games!

Arcade Classics Vol. 1

Grab a sack full of quarters and your best barrel-dashing, beat 'em up skills! It's time to hit the arcade with this retro collection of games!

A Sims Comic -- Allie

It's incredibly late at night/early in the morning, but I found this amusing, so maybe someone else will too. I wanted to do a cheesy comic about a sim named Allie. This is purely experimental and just for fun :)