Arcade Classics Vol. 2

Time to break into your favorite piggy bank and sell your prized baseball cards! I'm back with another collection of retro arcade games!

Here is a second collection of classic games to spend precious sim hours on! Use it on your sim's home lot or place them on a community lot to keep visitors coming back for more! Volume 2 consist of three new games:

Ms. Pacman

Final Fight

Gauntlet 1 & 2 Bundle

-Will need Late Night(Cloned from Late Night's Freezer Bunny arcade machine) to work properly.
- Unfortunately, video and audio remain the same, as a method to replace has not been found yet

- 4-Channel CAS Option(Same as Vol. 1)
- Price: §1300
- Find under Electronics -> Misc



Anonymous said...

These are really awsome!!
Thanks for the work and sharing them =D

Migolia said...

Thank you and you're welcome :)

Sackgirl said...

Wow, super cool, takes me back to when i use to play the arcade machines in Showcase cinema to kill time before the film started. Those were good times. Thank you.

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