Chapter 1: Kierra's Intro

My name is Kierra Viola Lowe and this is an account of my life and the important people in it.

 Don't worry--I'm usually not making faces like that. I promise.
I live in a quiet little town named Riverview. Not much here, but it's where I grew up, so I'm fine with the way it is. I work full time as a Teacher at the local high school to pay the bills and support my loving family. It's not my dream job, but I can definitely say it's an interesting one. Plus I have the weekends to do whatever I want! How many jobs can guarantee that? 

Time to meet the family!

Here is the hubby, my high school sweetheart, Lawrence Lowe. Love him so much! He was so nice to take my family name when it was time to get married instead of the traditional way. Just one of the many reasons I love him. He works in the political field during the day so I really treasure the time we spend together.

Here is my oldest son, Fidel. I love baby boy to death but dont let his straight A's grade status fool you--he can be a handful.

And here are little bundles of joy, Aubry, Audriel, and Austin. Born fraternal triplets, each of my daughters has their own distinct personality. Aubry is active and likes to play with her dolls and draw, Audriel is quieter and enjoys reading, and Austin...well she knows how to show a doll who's boss. A pain to raise, but I love them equally.

This is my younger sister, Kyra. She lives with her boyfriend in the newer housing development on the far side of town. She arguably got the looks of the family. I was left with the brains. Lucky me -_-

This is my one of my younger brothers, Kiley, who still lives at home with Mom and Dad. He just recently graduated high school and plans to make it big in a rock band. I've only seen pick up his guitar maybe once or twice. Only time will tell...

I have two other brothers, but I dont speak to them much. Family drama forced them to move out on their own and away from most of the family.

My Mom and Dad don't live to far from where my current house is now. I guess you could say I like to keep a close eye on them since their getting a little old and I'm their oldest child.
Mom loves books. She spent most of her time writing novels and reading books while raising me and my siblings. She even wrote a best selling novel once. There were very few times where I didn't see her with her nose deep in a book or searching around the house for a bookmark. Of course with old age, she doesn't write anymore. She just enjoys browsing titles.

"...Now what was I doing here again?"

Dad has always been the rock of the family. He held a busy surgeon schedule while raising 5 kids. Talk about juggling a lot. Even though I cannot always agree his opinion or his fashion sense, I can always say he is my number #1 idol. I hope he's spending his retirement days well and having some fun for change. Unlike in this picture where he was waiting outside the local library for Mom. 

"What is taking her so long?"

Poor guy...

Well that's everyone. Hopefully in the near future I can in--uh oh. Austin just whacked Audriel on the head with a toy car! I gotta go. If I don't end this now, someone will be crying for at least an hour. Bye! This won't be the last time you hear from me!


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