Chapter 3: Danny's Intro

I'm Danny Chung! You may not know me but I'm going to be somebody someday. Just you wait and see! This right here, for better or worse, is what I like to call my life.

I moved to Riverview, after finishing high school, when I inherited a house from my Aunt. For someone I barely saw, it was nice of her to leave me something so big.

It's a pretty nice two story loft just on the edge of town. To tell you the truth, I was a little skeptical looking at it when I first saw the outside. I mean...just look at. Not much to jump and scream about. My mind did a complete 180 when I walked inside and saw the stainless steel appliances and priceless art on the wall. The old bag had style! 

 I would have to say I kinda like it here. I haven't lived here for as long as some of the other folks in town, but it is a cozy town to live in I guess. And it's the place where I met my girlfriend.

My girlfriend Kyra means a lot to me in so many ways. I met her shortly after moving here and we have been inseparable ever since. She's basically the backbone that keeps our little family from falling apart. I can't say that I would want to be with anyone else. Right now we're just engaged, but I'm going to marry that girl someday...

Speaking of family, how could I forget my beautiful daughter Reina. Shortly after Kyra moved in with me, we received our bundle of joy 9 soon after. She's almost a spitting image of her mother. Very shy, but loves to draw.

 I scrambled up a little bit of money, bought her a little chalk board, and plopped it in the living room. She can spend hours at that thing, just doodling away. It makes me laugh to see her so interested in that chalk board. What I would give to be that uninhibited again. 

As well as being an awesome girlfriend, Kyra is a good cook in her own right. She had aspirations to go to a culinary school after high school, but those plans kinda fell apart. Her parents just didn't have the money to send her. I feel like she resent them for that reason. With her dad being a surgeon and her mom being a best selling author, she's had a lot of pluses in life. On the other hand, her parents also had a lot of children to take care of. Maybe someday she can pursue that goal. Hopefully she'll still know how to make her mouth-watering buttermilk waffles!

Money is tight at the moment. With Kyra at home with Reina, I'm the one bringing in the dough. Taking care of a toddler and paying for bills is no joke. I'm so glad that the house is already paid for. It lifts the added worries about mortgage payments off my shoulders. I always figured things like this to be grown up problems. I'm not that old! I wonder how Kyra's sister, Kierra, does it. She pretty much carries that whole family on her back. 

 I play gigs in my band, the Golden Carnivores, around town to make money. It's me and Kyra's brother, Kiley, and we are a guitar thrashing duo. I created the band when I met Kiley and found out he had a passion for music like I do. Sometimes, I would go over his house or he would come over to my house and practice into the wee hours of the morning. It's a little hard though, because Riverview isn't really a music type of town. We get booked at a couple of places and bars, but really in the end there aren't too many places that like our style. The pay may not be good and 9 times out of 10, it's nowhere near as much as we really need.  But that's no biggie.

We're gonna make it big anyway we can. Rockstar!

From time to time, I play smooth music at the local yuppie club to bring in some extra money. It's not really  what I want to do but it does help bring in the cash. But I have to say, being on that stage is magical. If I close my eyes, I can almost picture a crowd out there cheering for me. Now that would be amazing awesome!

Maybe someday I'll get there. 


"Mom? Slow down... What are u talking about?... What?!"


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