Northbrook Apts (No CC)

It's that time again! Here is another beautiful brick apartment for your city-dwelling sims. With a little bit of luxury and a touch of spacious tranquil living, I present Northbrook Apts!

This behemoth of a building, created in a classic Chicagoan U shape, has 3 floors and boasts a whopping total of 12 apartments, with a livable 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom one on the second floor. As pictured above, there is an extravagant entryway garden that leads to the front doors and really gives a vibrant life to the front courtyard. Here is a quick tour of the building:

1st Floor Grand Lobby

Wallbox(Left of the 1st Floor Lobby(Callbox on opposite side))

Left Hallway(2nd Floor)

The Apartment 

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

-The Wallbox(aka the mailbox) is located on the first floor
-There are trash chutes on all three floors
-There's absolutely No Custom Content
-Will need these 3 EPs(World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night) to work properly.
-Sits perfectly on a 30x40 lot
-Furnished: $28,211, Unfurnished: $3,565(this is the unfurnished price I got in my game. If you receive something different, please inform me)
-Since this is a big lot, it may take a while for townies to move in. It took four days in my game. Depending on specs, you may receive a different result



Liz said...

it's simply stunning! and its on the perfect sized lot to fit into my game, thank you :)

Migolia said...

Thank you for the compliment! I hope you enjoy Northbrook! :)

Candy Lover said...

Oh wow...this place is so amazing! This thing must've taken you a while. I LOVE the design. This is pure talent.

Migolia said...

Thank you Candy Lover! It did take me a little bit longer than I originally planned lol

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