Alexandrea Apts (NO CC)

I'm on a roll this week! This time, I'm bringing a more modest type of apartment, with a comfy interior and ample backyard space to stretch one's legs after a long week. I present Alexandrea Apts!

With a beautiful mid century facade, this building can fit perfectly in any urban or suburban area. This lots houses two buildings, a total of 6 apartments, with a livable 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom one on the second floor in the left building. There is also a lovely backyard, with room for gardeners and grill enthusiasts. Here is a quick tour of the lot:

1st Floor Lobby/Hall

Second Floor

Third Floor
The Apartment
Floor Plan

-The Wallbox(aka the mailbox) is located on the first floor in the left building
-There's absolutely No Custom Content
-Will need these 3 EPs(World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night) to work properly.
-Sits perfectly on a 25x25 lot
-Furnished: $19,708, Unfurnished: $1,600



ani_ said...

These are very nice, great job :)

Migolia said...

Thank you ani_! As you already know, I duly enjoy mods <3

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