Accent Pieces -- Two 2 new objects

Decorate your home with these hot items!

I'm not dead yet! I've just been quite busy in real life but I did take some time off to create two new objects! Every Hour, on the Daily, a simplistic clock and Daily Musings, a neat and trim wall hanging, is perfect any room of the house, adding the extra pop of color or character when needed. Each item has four variations to satisfy even the most pickiest of simmers.

The great thing about this project is that it was made with the help of fellow simmers at the The Sims Daily Forum! Each picture variation was taken by a different simmer from within the game! Now you can have a little slice of someone else's world right in your home!

- Mesh created by me!
- Inspired by talented photographers at TSD(link)
- Clock Price is §80, Wall Hanging is §250
- Clock is 2 channel recolorable, Wall Hanging has 1 channel



mmmcheezy225 said...

*drools several puddles*

Deelightful said...

*mops up after Cheezy*

This is just lovely! Fantastic super sekrit project! Thank you! :-)

ATS Sandy said...

Love it, love it, love it!!! Thank you! <3

Migolia said...

Why thank you kindly ladies! I'm glad you guys like it!

Nadzicle said...

I'm behind, but I love it! Totally downloading and using. ^^

Robert Gomez said...

Absolutely ammmmaaaazzziiiing! You have no idea how flipping excited I am about this hair! You're talent is outstanding please keep making more meshes, because you my friend are gifted =).
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