X-Fashion -- New Painting

These ladies of the mutant academy are fierce!

Here is a collection of lovely ladies from the X-men universe, striking a model pose for a splash of couture on your wall. In this set is total of 8 images, including Mystique, Emma Frost, and more! Turn that breakfast nook into a sizzling art deco corner! Turn that living room into a centerpiece for an avant-garde sitting chamber! The possibilities are endless! A preview of the corresponding images is featured below:

Phoenix and Mystique

Lady Deathstrike and Emma Frost

Lilandra Neramani and Kitty Pryde

Karma and Callisto 

- Created on a mesh by Ritsukacom (link)
- Art by K. Wada
- Price §100
- The back of the paintings are colored, but non-recolorable 



ATS Sandy said...

I love that first one with her superb orange hair! Thank you! ;)

Migolia said...

You're welcome!

Jasmine said...

I LOVE this! So my style

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