A Whole New World

I'm not dead yet! At the moment, I am reconstructing a world to house my new "legacy" project. It can be fun with all the reorganizing, rebuilding, and recoloring, but also very tiring at the same time. It took me a total of 9 hours to just to do one building! Granted, it's one hell of a building. I would love to show a couple of preview pictures, but with the town being unoccupied for reconstructing and having no access to the cameraman mode, the pictures just wouldn't turn out that great. I may still take a few to track my progress and post them here.

With that being said, all other projects will probably be put on hold until I finish the reconstruction(not that anyone really cares lol).

As far as the Lowe Legacy goes, there should be an update to that coming soon. I will be taking members of the family and importing them into my new project.


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